Project: Tome of Eternity

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Project: Tome of Eternity

Post  Xveas on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:00 am

Check here for updates on our current Visual Novel project: Tome of Eternity, a psychological thriller brought to you by RobinWood Studios.
Updates for Tome of Eternity has been moved here:

Genre: Tome of Eternity is a psychological thriller, the root of which is heavily inspired by steampunk and a short novel I wrote a few years back. Although we have worked in elements of horror and h-scenes, the overall feel of Tome of Eternity will be that of an intense drama driven by a colorful cast of characters.

Setting: The events of the Tome of Eternity take place on the world of Scrail. The planet is primarily uninhabitable due to thousands of years of war waged on the surface. Machine and magic; two elements that once existed harmoniously together, tore the planet asunder. The destitute people of Scrail are now forced to live in the only two remaining cities on the planet.

Mechadya, the mechanical city in the sky; and Selavya, the city of the Magi.

Each city ruled by oppressive organizations who still try to wage war with one another. Mechadya, able to keep afloat in the sky due to their technological prowess, is where the story takes place.

Current status: Development

Synopsis: The plot behind the Tome of Eternity centers around Dan Adams and Soemo Yamato; two students living in Mechadya, the machine city. Life in the floating city is hardly easy for anyone. The tyrannical rule of the Synth Order makes it impossible to feel alone even for a second. Their hatred for magic and the Magi is felt long and wide. Slaughtering any magic users and destroying any magical devices they uncover, the Synth Order aims to alleviate Scrail of this self-proclaimed abomination.

This makes life even more difficult for Dan and Soemo.

Soemo, being a Magi by birth, is capable of wielding magic with great aptitude. Dan and his family took him in at a young age and have been caring for him ever since. Life wasn't great, but at least they were making it by without anything terrible happening. That is until the day the 'book' found them and a girl came stumbling out of the pages. The girl said her name was Lyra and claimed to hail from a place known as 'Earth'. Dan and Soemo now found themselves in quite the predicament.

A lost girl was now helpless in their world; a book of immense power now rested in their possession; and to make matters worse unknown forces began drawing all around them. Some good and some malevolent, but all seeking the power of the 'book' they now had. As their world becomes unraveled around them and a more sinister force becomes revealed Dan and Soemo must find a way to restore everything to how it once was. And to help the young lost beauty who had graced them with their presence.

Game perspective: This is actually one of my favorite things about our project. Tome of Eternity can take place from two different perspectives that the player may choose from at the very beginning.

Experience the engrossing tale from the perspective of Dan Adams, who simply wants to save his friends and family from the evil that had infected Scrail to it's very core. Can he save them all?


View the events of Tome of Eternity from Soemo Yamato's outlook, a misunderstood youth who's past is veiled in agony and emptiness. Will he care to see the world burn?

You as the player take the reigns as either of these two protagonist and decide the ultimate fate of Scrail, whether it be for good or bad.

We are currently recruiting the following for assistance with this project:

-Co-Programmer (knowledge of Ren'Py a must)
-Lead Design Artist
-Graphic Design Artists
-Background Artists

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