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Need Help Thread

Post  Xveas on Fri Feb 17, 2012 5:38 am

First time into the den of merry thieves that is Robinwood Studios? Need help finding something on the site? Perhaps you have interests in joining our development team? Or maybe you want to read up on one of our current projects (Tome of Eternity)? This Help thread will answer any Questions myself or the other Admins seem to get a lot.

Q: Why can't I find any info on the -insert project title here- on your site?
A: Simply put, this stuff is hidden from Guests and normal Members. We can't wait to share our projects with the world when it is finished. However, we cannot share access to areas that have too much information on our projects. Eventually demos and short story scripts will be released to the public. This time may not be too far off in the future. Keep checking back!

Q: I'm having trouble navigating your site! Can you help?
A: We would love nothing more than to help you in this regard, however, we don't have site moderators yet and we are busy with project demands. Please check the site FAQ and hopefully it can resolve your issues with little effort.

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